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Fastlink Communications is a Puerto Rican company offering technology services in the area of Telecommunications.

We are providers of telecommunications services as well as Internet services, Web Design And Development , Network infrastructure, Social Media Marketing, Disaster Recovery and VoIP Telephony.

We are a group of technicians and entrepreneurs with more than 15 years of experience in the field of telecommunications.


We are the source of technological solutions.

Support Web Network Search Engine IT Consulting

What We Do

  • Internet Residential, Commercial +

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  • Network Planning and Design +

  • Web Development +

  • VozIP Services +

  • Hosting Management +

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To offer innovative technological solutions, adaptable to the needs of our clients, in Puerto Rico and Latin America, promoting the development and growth, through a team of technicians and professionals in highly competitive information technologies as we collaborate day by day in the development and construction of new strategies Of innovation in communications..


We are the source of technological solutions.

Continue to build our future with innovative technologies, offering quality IT services to all our clients, whether it is a Company, Business or Personal Project, recognized in Puerto Rico and with a presence in Latin America, for the technological solutions we provide, generating lasting relationships with our customers , Suppliers and above all our people...

Meet the Team  CEO & Founder, Development, TI, Networking, Technology Solutions and Design

CEO & Founder
IT Project Management
UX & UI Designer
Community Manager

Some of Our Customers Each Individual and Custom Project

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Talent is the number one priority for a CEO. You may think that it is about having a vision and a strategy, but before you must have the right people
- Greetings from Our Founder and CEO, Osvaldo Casiano -

Our Strategic Alliances

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